We are

Outset International, an Outsourcing company with specialized professionals covering several areas of the footwear industry with many years of experience.

Outset team is composed of:
#Line builders
#Shoe technicians
#Commercial experts



we dont just build shoes, we build brands.

Over 25 years experience handling different markets and different types of final product.

Best service hand in hand with the best possible product/price relation.

Careful choice in production placement.

Possibility of product sourcing in different producing countries other than Portugal due to our vast net of connections.


Due to the fast growing awareness from consumers around the world towards sustainability, Outset wants to have a relevant position in this change, by contributing in all possible ways, for a cleaner world and also by helping to change some consuming habits that may contribute to a better tomorrow.

This way Outset, is investing all efforts together with selected suppliers of both raw material and the shoe itself.

Aware of the recent climate changes around the globe, Outset is betting strong in a more efficient and simple technique to build weatherproof everyday footwear.

Dry Seal Tech is a trade mark of Outset with several technical steps that will allow our customers to transform everyday casual and fashion styles into functional all-weather shoes.

Knowing the importance given today to comfortable wear, our target in every product we build its to provide our shoes with the latest available components in this area.


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